The Epistemological Telescope

Through the telescope
I see distress.
Upon the lens
does light impress.

Two elements join in
a synchronous dance.
The lens and light combine.

May it be
that I may see
what happens prior
to this joint mystery?

Shall I …

Do Away With It – Poem

A pure essence, how can it be?
A pure essence with muddled purity?

If I am that metaphysic all along,
why should my psyche matter?
Cognition gives way to tortured psyche,
should not the way out be
the way it …

Drive to Vulnerability – Poem

I hide my animalistic hides beneath cloth
and behind closed doors.
I judge others for their instincts,
then I shut my bolted metal door and act on my own… in self-loathing.
My idealizations of people
are merely pictures of them …

The Self or No-Self? That is the question.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 5.22.20 PM

I have been presented evidence that I am not an individual. This goes against my learned tendency to believe that I am, in fact, an individual.

See, the interconnectedness of all things (causality) is a testament to the inseparability of …

The Disease that is Capitalism

The class system in America is an entrapment. Many people who graduate high school, graduate believing capitalism means freedom, and that communism and socialism are “bad”. The fact is that the capitalist system is no more than a mental trick. …

Suffering, Freedom, and Delusion

In some spiritual practices which aim to end human suffering, it is accepted that truth seems to be better than falsehood, and by this I mean that typically truth leads to more positive outcomes; “to the extent our acts produce …