Do Away With It – Poem

A pure essence, how can it be?
A pure essence with muddled purity?

If I am that metaphysic all along,
why should my psyche matter?
Cognition gives way to tortured psyche,
should not the way out be
the way it came in?
Why suppose nirvana an absolute?

Reduce the world and
you’ll suppose truth one step removed.
Ultimately unattainable.
An arbitrary obstacle.

Divide the world to see its insides,
all you’ll see is shattered outsides.
Suppose a principle and you’ll have built a box
believing it to contain the totality of space.
Forgetting that the box must be somewhere too.

To choose this or that,
you confine yourself to this or that.
To declare truth is to be mistaken.

The real line of inquiry is:
why should I be mistaken in the first place?
Do not take for granted any faculties.
Fundamental questions pierce fundamental beliefs.
Digging up grass and dirt,
breaking up the stone foundation.
Penetrating the center of the Earth
and back out on the other side.

You cannot be a segment along the
circumference of a circle
and see the circle in its entirety.
The penetrating mind is an infinite process
which collapses in on itself like a dying star.

Does the mind think,
or do thoughts mind?

A shifting gear cannot turn without
changing the entire machine.
A shifting gear will turn and
know the position of adjacent gears
to be different.

The mysterious process,
from which sprung science and mysticism,
cannot be contained.
The constant breaking and reformation
of that which we try to capture in memory and attention,
is changed by each attempt to capture it.
Proceed with vigilance,
while trying to catch a breeze in a box.
The best result is realizing you cannot.

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